Technology and Integration

Flexible and expandable microservice architecture

Built to Scale

The amentis DXS platform processes even the largest, globally distributed data streams reliably, uniformly and efficiently.

Based on a modular microservice architecture, each component of the platform can be operated and scaled on edge, on premise, in the public cloud or in a hybrid model.


Multi-zone architecture to separate raw data and semantic data.

High-performance analyses: On request, we publish your data in Elastic Search indexes for flexible, convenient and high-performance analysis.

A powerful engine with a large number of standard connectors supports you with the high-performance ingestion of your raw data.

Unlimited scalability: Based on Apache Cassandra, we offer you a highly distributed data storage with multi-data center support that can securely handle even the largest data volumes.

Polyglot framework for batch jobs and stream processing based on Apache Spark: Define ETL and ML jobs for data processing in the programming language of your choice.

You can freely choose between Python, Java and SQL to map your logics.

APIs Everywhere: Expandable, Open and Secure

API representation

The amentis DXS platform is designed for openness from the scratch. Extensive REST APIs allow you secure access to your data and meta data at any time via any programming language.

This allows you to analyze the data freely and independently at any time via third-party systems, make it available to other applications in your system landscape or extend the platform. Granular access control and logging give you full control over who can access your data at all time. The integrated authentication via OpenID Connect always provides the necessary security.

Highly integrated: Data Sources and Protocols

The amentis DXS platform comes with a variety of standard connectors to connect to your heterogeneous system landscape. Thus you can connect numerous systems without additional development effort.

File systems: S3, HDFS, …
IoT & M2M: MQTT, OPC/UA, etc.
Message Broker: AMQP, Kafka, JMS, Google PubSub, Amazon SQS, etc.
SQL-Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.
NoSQL-Databases: Mongo, Cassandra, Elastic, Google BigQuery
REST Web-Services
Other: TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, uvm.

Various data sources and protocols can be integrated

Lean & Attractive: Our User Interfaces

The user interfaces convince visually and with function

We can also convince visually!

We combine professional user experience design with an attractive layout for desktops PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Together with intuitive self-service visualizations and flexible filters, you will always have a complete overview of all your data. Our UI architecture based on a single-page web application provides the necessary performance and offers you an all-round first-class user experience.

Deploy Everywhere: Container & Orchestration

Our consistent support of containers and the Kubernetes platform enables you to operate the amentis DXS platform exactly according to your ideas. Thus you can tailor our platform exactly to your requirements regarding performance, reliability, scalability and cost efficiency.

Due to the modular architecture of the platform a hybrid deployment of our modules at the edge, in the local data center and in the public cloud is possible at any time.

Operation of the amentis DXS platform according to your needs
Graphic technology and integration

Security & Compliance

The security of your data is very important to us.

Access logging

Data accesses via interfaces are recorded reliably and controllably, of course always in compliance with DSGVO.

Secure communication

Communication via our interfaces is always encrypted. Every access is also authenticated according to the OpenID Connect Standard.

Encryption at Rest

Upon request, we can store your data in encrypted form.

Isolated tenants

Use our multi-tenant architecture to isolate data areas.

Consistently Open Source & Open Standards

The amentis DXS platform is consistently built from open source components

The amentis DXS platform is designed from the scratch as a truly open hub for all digital services of a company - without vendor lock-in and with maximum flexibility!

Consequently, we rely on open industry standards instead of proprietary technologies and only use powerful, proven open source products with active communities to implement our base. This way, companies can be sure to maintain full control over their most important digital assets at all times.


The amentis DXS platform is consistently designed for use in the corporate environment and provides various features and integrations.

LDAP and Active Directory

Use integration with an existing LDAP server (e.g. Active Directory) to connect the platform to your existing identity management platform.


Our services support standard interfaces for monitoring availability and various performance parameters, which can be integrated with common monitoring solutions.

Log Aggregation

Our platform is prepared for integration with common log aggregation solutions (e.g. Elastic) to make the operation of the solution as easy as possible.


We consistently support Kubernetes as a manufacturer-independent standard for orchestration of container solutions. This means that you can use our platform in your own data center or in a public cloud, depending on your requirements, without having to bind yourself closely to a specific provider. The entire platform can be easily installed via configurable Helm-Charts.

Our Technologies

The amentis DXS platform uses leading open source components for cloud, machine learning, big data and continuous integration. An overview on our technology stacks is always available on StackShare.

Cloud Native Development


Big Data, ML und IoT

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DevOps und Cloud


Sustainable into the Future

The goal of the company was to meet the challenges of the topic "Sustainability".

On the basis of the knowledge gained, a management process should then be set up that leads to a permanent reduction in CO2 and energy consumption.

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