Sustainable into the Future

The Goal

The goal of the company was to meet the challenges of the topic "Sustainability". The first step was to analyze the company's CO2 footprint and energy consumption in order to identify the main drivers. The involvement of customers, suppliers and employees was an important criterion.

On the basis of the knowledge gained, a management process should then be set up that leads to a permanent reduction in CO2 and energy consumption.

Key Benefits of the Solution

Enables objective, data-based insights into energy management and the identification of improvement potentials

Innovative foundation for all activities related to sustainability in the company

Using consumption and cost forecasting, identify and survey the savings potential.

Looking to the future with trending forecasts and anomaly detection

The Challenge

  • Continuous reduction and traceability of energy consumption over the coming years.
  • Active marketing of sustainability as a distinguishing feature.
  • Systematic analysis of the energy balance for processes such as mixing, cooling, heating and lighting in order to identify worthwhile optimization potentials.
  • Achieving a competitive advantage through proactive provision of energy management data to customers.
  • Flexible evaluation over long periods of time, from regions and locations down to the machine level.
  • Involvement of all employees in the topic of "Sustainability" - open communication to raise the awareness of everyone involved.
  • Meeting legislative and compliance requirements today and in the future.
  • Lean integration of the shop floor by using the existing infrastructure or retrofitting.
  • Providing a possibility to include energy management data of suppliers in the future.

The Solution

With the amentis DXS platform, a hybrid architecture has been established that combines the measurement of CO2 emissions and energy consumption on edge with the central analysis of the collected data in the cloud.

For this purpose the existing consumers were connected to the central hub with the help of the amentis Energy Management Accelerator Template. This data collection was supplemented by smart functions for trending and the detection of conspicuous deviations. The amentis DXS Add-ons "ML Prediction" and "ML Anomaly Detection" are used for this purpose. The add-ons can not only run in the cloud, but can also be operated on Premise or on Edge as part of the amentis DXS platform.

A customized dashboard visualizes the results of the analysis for different roles within and outside the company. Leader Boards also show the savings achieved at plant and product line level in real time. This additionally supports the identification of employees through a gamification character.

Start with DXS

We support the project start into the creation of Data Driven Services and AI with our experience and used components.