Develop a hybrid Platform for IIoT


The Goal

In order to gain transparency over the entire production process and to improve continuously, the goal of the solution was to enable central and near-realtime reporting. For this purpose, the data generated at the various locations was to be consolidated centrally. In addition, the locations were to be given the opportunity to make local evaluations.

The challenge was to connect decentralized production sites in Germany and a number of other countries in Europe, Asia and Americas and to integrate a heterogeneous machine park.

Key Benefits of the Solution

Enables objective and data-based decisions at all levels of the production process - from shopfloor to management

Hybrid solution as the base of a cost-efficient and secure architecture,

Expandable industrial IoT platform with open source components as a basis for future use cases.


Innovation by implementing predictive approaches and anomaly detection to reduce downtime.

The Challenge

  • Connection of decentralized production sites in Europe, Asia and America.
  • Integration of a heterogeneous machine park of different manufacturers, different protocols and a high local data volume.
  • Simplification of an integrated reporting, which was previously made difficult by the very differing data structures of the various ERP and MES systems in the national companies.
  • Fulfillment of the strict requirements regarding compliance and legal or contractual retention periods.
  • Central and near-realtime evaluation options at site, regional and global level for production managers and management.
  • Data democratization of acquired process and machine data for the operative team (e.g. production managers, plant managers, shift supervisors, quality managers, test technicians, workers).
  • First steps towards smart algorithms and AI to reduce downtimes.

The Solution

With the amentis DXS platform, a hybrid IIoT hub was established, which combines data integration and analysis at the site level with an additional centralized evaluation level in the cloud.

The amentis DXS Core Add-on "Data Exploration" provides users from the departments with an intuitive search engine, with which even large data sets can be searched and visualized quickly and easily.

An extensible Kibana-based dashboard allows for consistent reports at different levels of aggregation - global, regional, location-based. Due to the modular system, new dashboards and reports can easily be built from existing content at any time.

Start with DXS

We support the project start into the creation of Data Driven Services and AI with our experience and used components.