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We support the project start into the creation of Data Driven Services and AI with our experience and used components.

The amentis DXS platform convinces with:

Hybrid architecture thought out end-to-end

Unbeatable TCO thanks to license-free platform

Preconceived reference architectures and modular standard services

Avoidance of vendor lock-in

Expandable central data base

We are glad to prove our promise of a simple and cost-effective project. We offer you 3 possibilities to start with us:

Minimum Viable Product

  • MVP by amentis is a possible project start with the goal to develop a first functional solution and to test the economic benefit.
  • For this purpose, the scope of the project is analyzed and the scope for a minimum viable product is jointly defined. From the future overall process we develop a subset that can be used in a later overall project.
  • The MVP will be realized with the free amentis DXS platform.
  • For the duration of the MVP project we provide the amentis DXS Accelerator Templates and the amentis DXS Add-ons without additional costs.
  • Reference value for project scope 15-25 PD

Scope follows Budget

  • You have made first thoughts about digitizing your business processes and have a set budget available for this projekt.
  • We determine the optimal scope of your digitization project based on your requirements and your available budget.
  • Based on the experience of our process and technology consulting, we can get the most out of your budget.
  • We pay special attention to the use of open source technologies.
  • The project will be realized with the free amentis DXS platform.
  • The amentis DXS Accelerator Templates and, depending on the requirements, the amentis DXS Add-ons are also used.
  • Reference value for project scope 25-75 PD

Full Project

  • You have a clear idea of the goal of your digitization project and have already drawn up a project outline.
  • Together with you we determine the scope of your project based on your requirements.
  • Based on your process knowledge (know-how) and our years of expertise in consulting and implementation projects, we create a joint project plan and implement your project.
  • Our project approach is also a base for the easier implementation of further digital services and AI in the future.
  • By using our free amentis DXS platform, our Best-Practice amentis DXS Accelerator Templates and the extensive amentis DXS Add-ons, you get the perfect cost/risk/performance mix.
  • Reference value for project scope greater than 75 PD

Titel: Technologie & Integration for all Requirements

Our amentis DXS platform does not require any special hardware or extensive up-front investment, but can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Elastic, hybrid microservice architectures are used, which are composed of innovative open source technologies.

Read more about Technologie & Integration