DXS Platform

More than just a large storage location for your data!

What is the amentis DXS Platform?

The amentis DXS platform enables you to get started with Data Driven Services and AI easily and cost effective. As a basis for your smart Data Ecosystem we integrate leading Open Source components and technologies in a pre-built architecture.

Everything is included, from the processing of data out of the data source up to the visualization.

Everything from one Source

A wide range of functions for data integration, data management, governance, analytics and AI support you consistently in implementing your digital business models.

The best of it: You do not need any additional tools.

Search engine, binoculars with hands
Hybrid architecture of the platform possible

Hybrid Architecture

The amentis DXS platform offers you a highly flexible architecture. You decide whether you want to deploy the solution on edge, on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid deployment.

Flexible & continuously expandable

Once implemented, the system can be expanded at any time to include new company divisions or external data.

Platform for flexible use
Single source of truth

Single Source of Truth

In our platform you have all relevant data for objective decisions, data science and the use of data driven services and artificial intelligence in one place.

No Licenses,
no Vendor Lock-in

All basic components of our platform (including databases) are consistently open source. We rely on open industry standards and avoid proprietary niche solutions.

Licence-free platform
Hardware costs under control

Hardware Costs under Control

The amentis DXS platform requires neither special hardware nor extensive upfront investment in your data center. As a basis for your smart Data Ecosystem it scales with your requirements - when you need it.

Built-in Innovation

We provide innovative ready-to-use services for the creation of Data Driven Services and AI.


Was does the amentis DXS Platform do?



Integrate heterogeneous data from your worldwide locations securely and with high performance. Our decentralized and expandable integration is optimized for high data volume and throughput.

Management & Governance

Store your data reliably, securely and cost-effectively worldwide.

Our decentralized date lake allows you to decide whether you want to store data locally, distributed or in the cloud - of course hybrid scenarios are also supported.

Use structured data, unstructured raw data and binary data equally efficient and manage the data lifecycle.

Management and Governance
Analytics AI

Analytics & AI

Evaluate your data in real time. Our search engine technology offers a wide range of visualizations and preconfigured analysis scenarios.

Additional features allow you to get started with AI and ML and help you to generate new insights into your data quickly and purposefully.

Good Reasons for the amentis DXS Platform

For CEOs

amentis DXS grows agile with your requirements. Start with individual areas and build your data platform at a pace that suits your company.

The architecture of the amentis DXS platform is based on many years of project experience and is explicitly optimized for practical needs and the use in heterogeneous or hybrid system landscapes.

amentis DXS requires no all or nothing decision. Designed from scratch for an agile, iterative implementation, the platform grows with your requirements.

So after a one-time investment in the implementation of the platform, you can successively add new systems and business units to your data-driven business.

The consistent use of open standards effectively avoids vendor lock-in. You always keep the further development of the platform under control

For Analysts and Data Engineers

Gain access to all data - even in raw format. Extensive REST APIs allow you secure access to your data and metadata at any time using any programming language.

Use our various and flexible standard functions to analyze your data.

Our platform is designed for high performance data analytics. Browse large amounts of data in real time and draw the necessary conclusions from the time-critical information it contains.

amentis DXS does not manage your data in silos. In our platform you will find all relevant data in one place.

For IT Manager

amentis DXS offers you a cost-effective start into professional data management with a low initial investment.

Numerous existing connectors are available for immediate use in heterogeneous environments.

amentis DXS is flexibly expandable. The platform can be individually adapted and extended to your specific scenarios.

Our platform is designed to be open. Via standard interfaces you can search and extract your data at any time.

The amentis DXS Platform is designed for professional operation and comes to this with various features and integrations, e.g. support of Kubernetes, monitoring, log aggregation and LDAP.

Structure of the amentis DXS platform
Access to all data
Agile growth
Hybrid architecture
No Vendor Lock-in
Access by REST APIs

How does the amentis DXS Platform help me?

Do I have to start from scratch with every digitization project when using the amentis DXS platform?

With amentis DXS you place a solid foundation for your data driven business: After the one-time implementation of the platform, you have a flexible and scalable base for a smart Data Ecosystem that supports you in the successive and agile implementation of your use cases.

Can I realize a data lake with the amentis DXS platform?

The architecture of the amentis DXS platform is perfectly suited as a base for your data lake due to dedicated areas for storage and permanent preservation of raw data. By highly flexible data structures, you can easily integrate and permanently store your data without prior transformation, whether IoT signals, energy data, web analytics, etc

In addition to classic data lake architectures, our platform provides you further advantages:

  • Multi-level, semantic pipelines to harmonize and consolidate data for further analysis
  • High-performance and intuitive real-time analysis of the data stock
  • Flexible APIs for structured access by downstream systems and apps
Does amentis DXS support the connection of my worldwide organization?

The amentis DXS platform uses a flexible architecture that enables cross-data center operations or hybrid operating models using edge devices and public clouds. It thus have the necessary prerequisites for dealing global data streams and, by its high elasticity, handles even the largest data volumes securely at all times.

How can I minimize increasing maintenance costs due to a variety of inflexible point-to-point integrations?

With amentis DXS you can collect, harmonize and provide any data of your company at a central location - the time-consuming maintenance of spaghetti integration can thus be specifically stopped. The amentis DXS platform scales with its data volume and thus also allows the handling of very large, continuously growing data volumes.

As a reliable single source of truth for your company data, the amentis DXS platform provices you flexible interfaces to link the consolidated data with downstream systems.

How does amentis DXS help me to use my raw data efficiently?

As an uninterpreted data base, raw data represents a valuable asset for your company in a special way: amentis DXS maintains your raw data in unchanged form through multi-level data pipelines and allows you to further process them automatically at any time.

Keyword data democratization: How can I provide my employees with all relevant data without frustration and easier to consume?

Democratizing data is the process of making the data of a company accessible to as many employees as possible. This should enable all employees to make decisions for the company that are based on concrete facts and take into account as many influences as possible instead of having to rely on gut feeling. However, data democratization only works if the data is available in an easily understandable format for the respective group and can be searched at any time without obstacles.

The amentis DXS platform offers different channels to provide and discover data: From analytical environments for data scientists to intuitive search engine portals and dashboards for your professionals, every user gets the right data experience - without having to build up technical expertise first.

And because we attach great importance to security, you always have full control over who you share the relevant data through flexible authorization concepts.

Accelerate your Business with Accelerator Templates and Add-ons

Our free of charge amentis DXS Accelerator Templates - preconceived reference architectures and best practices - guarantee a quick go-live and a high return on investment.

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Our modular amentis DXS Add-ons make it easy and extremely fast to implement high-performance data driven services with a high added value.

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