Data Management

Use your Data as a digital Resource.

Agile data management has become a necessity for companies that need to maximize the value of their data. With the license-free amentis DXS platform, amentis offers the base for a smart data ecosystem to make your data useable as a digital resource.

Fit your business for data management.

We support you in this 6 areas into your digital future!

Data Infrastructure

1. Data Infrastructure

A scalable and resilient infrastructure is essential for data management. This is the only way to ensure that your system is available in a fail-safe and high-performance manner.

We support you in development and operation - in the cloud, on premise or hybrid.

2. Data Integration

Collect data from a wide variety of data sources and formats.

With our amentis DXS platform, you can reliably integrate heterogeneous data sources from inside and outside the company.

Data Integration
Data Analytics

3. Data Analytics

Unleash the potential of your data - evaluate even large amounts of data in near real-time!

With amentis DXS, you won't lose track of all your collected data. We offer you the right tools that can help you understand your data. We support you in the high-performance analysis and visualization of facts.

4. Data Engineering

Collecting data alone is not enough - turn your data into added value!

With our amentis DXS platform, we support you in harmonizing existing data sources and enriching them with context data for consistently high data quality.

Data Engineering
Data Science

5. Data Science

Use the full potential of your data - gain knowledge from your data to support decision-making processes and optimize your business management.

We support you in the exploration of existing data sources through smart algorithms, statistical methods and applied mathematics.

6. Data Governance

Ensure your data is consistent, reliable and not misused.

Our amentis DXS platform supports you with process frameworks and policies to ensure compliance requirements and lifecycle management.

Data Governance
Manufacturing IoT

Develop a hybrid Platform for IIoT

In order to gain transparency over the entire production process and to improve continuously, the goal of the solution was to enable central and near-realtime reporting. The challenge was to connect decentralized production sites in Germany and a number of other countries in Europe, Asia and Americas and to integrate a heterogeneous machine park.

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