Accelerator Templates and Add-ons


„Accelerate your Business…"

With our reference architectures and practical solutions we support you in the low-risk implementation of your projects on the amentis DXS platform.

Project Quickstart

With the amentis DXS Accelerator Templates you can start quickly and directly on our DXS platform. Due to preconceived reference architectures the basics are already laid. The digital efficiency along the value chain is increased.

Project quick start, we accelerate your project
Highly reduced risk

Highly reduced Risk

All amentis DXS Accelerator Templates are based on best practices from years of experience in consulting and implementation projects. They thus reduce the project risk sustainably.

Guaranteed Project Success

With our amentis DXS Accelerator Templates you can implement a variety of industrial use cases on the DXS platform in a timely and reliable manner. For this purpose, we bundle our accumulated experience in data modeling, integration and solution blueprints as project accelerators in the templates.

Guaranteed project success with our Accelerator Templates
Our platform is license free

Free of Charge

There are no fees for the use of our amentis DXS Accelerator Templates. Instead, you simply benefit from significantly reduced project costs.

„…and add value!“

Our modular standard services extend the amentis DXS platform with innovative, directly usable software components for your project. All amentis DXS Add-ons are best-practice implementations and complement the functional scope of our amentis DXS Accelerator Templates.

You don't necessarily need technical knowledge for this: With smart user experience, we help even experts without a data science background to achieve fast results.

Core Add-ons

Our amentis Core Add-ons support you in the analysis of your data in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Data Exploration

Due to search engine technology, you get flexible data analysis for end users in real time, preconfigured analysis scenarios and included visualization without extensive training.

  • Data lists with flexible filtering
  • Data series analysis and pivoting
  • Trends
  • Data distribution and statistics
  • Precalculated KPIs

Data Protection

With the all-round protection for know-how relevant data, you provide only exactly the work-relevant data for each user and protect the intellectual property of your company.

  • Intuitive graphical definition of access rules based on time periods, value ranges and access level
  • Flexible combination of access rules
  • Consistent protection down to the level of individual data records
  • DSGVO-compliant logging of all queries for the purpose of access documentation and for security audits

ML - Add-ons

Our add-ons for machine learning help you to generate new insights from your data volumes quickly and purposefully. Transform your data into insights with machine learning!

ML Prediction

Prediction of future events based on past data and influencing factors.

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Wear Forecast
  • Energy Consumption Forecast

ML Clustering

Discover hidden relationships between data with automatic clustering.

  • Result Classification
  • Identify sources of problems

ML Anomaly Detection

Automated detection of unusual values and proactive alerting.

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Threat Detection

Customer Commitment through Digital Fashion Insights

The goal was to better understand the purchasing behavior of customers in the online store: How do they navigate through the store? Which products do they prefer? And what keeps them from buying? Based on these findings, the online product range was to be optimized and the way customers are addressed was to be personalized.

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